Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CTA Rider Comment Form

Please use the following or similar format in this post's comment box when you publish your experiences with PACE, Metra, and especially the CTA.**

Riders Name: (Optional)
Approximate Time:
Location: (69th Street Station, Corner of Roosevelt & Michigan)
Train/Bus: (Red Line, #8 Halsted, etc.)Run Number: (You can ask the operator for this information)
Direction Travelling:
Problem/Observation: (Dirty platforms, heat lamps not working, Handicapped accessible doors not working, bus bunching, overcrowded, late, etc.)

**These comments will be sent to the Regional Transit Authority board, the Illinois House Mass Transit Committee, the Chicago office of the Mayor, and the Federal Transit Administration in Washington, DC.

Hats off to the Red Eye

Thanks to Kyra Kyles and the Red Eye for spotlighting our blog in the "Hey, CTA!" section of the paper. In case you weren't aware, The CTA Blog - Going Public, Your Turn, and the columnists and photo sections of "Hey, CTA!" also keep the pressure on Lake Street and the CTA board. We need to stay informed, and they do, too!!

We transit riders need as many allies as we can get. And honestly, I want to be proud of the CTA again!

Kudos to the Red Eye...and keep up the good work Kyra!!

You can check out The Red Eye online: http://redeye.chicagotribune.com/

Friday, February 22, 2008

Roosevelt & State: Talk About Heavy Waits

And that's what you do...WAIT...if you're on the North side of Roosevelt at State anticipating a ride on either the #12 or #127 Westbound. Especially if it's 2 below zero and the Hawk is stirring up a 30 below wind chill. Remember, that corner is a straight shot West from Lake Michigan with only the Orange/Green Line platform to slow the wind.

On too many occasions this record-breaking winter, did I find myself and 20 - 30 frozen fellow CTA riders, huddled, shiverring, and ANGRY. Why? As we stand there freezing, usually the #127 Circulator sits, warm and snug a half block East in front of the train station entrance...idling. Out of just basic human kindness and consideration, you'd think the driver would let us on board to warm up until his "set in stone" schedule dictates that he proceeds West...but that never happens. Usually, if it's that cold, the CTA Supervisor sits on the bus or stands inside the train station with her clipboard, never once wielding her power to move the bus toward the long suffering riders at the corner, just 30 yards away. I tried to get onboard one dangerously cold morning, only to be motioned to step away from the door.

Five to ten miserably cold minutes later, at lone, beat-up, nearly broke down #12 will pull up and mercifully end our suffering. And, without FAIL, as soon as we pull away, here comes the #127. Every. Single. Time.

If you are having a similar experience on your bus line, we'd like to hear your story. Share with us your comments. I can guarantee that the CTA brass and the folks in Springfield will hear about it.

Ride smart.

Southside CTA Stations Suffer Serious Shortcomings

69th Street Red Line Station

1. Handicapped access doors from the sidewalk on North and South side of station NEVER work.

2. There is only 1 heat lamp shed on the ENTIRE platform.

3. The station and platform are usually extremely dirty.

4. Nothing new...serious bus bunching!!

5. The station security (Securitas) on weekday morning are especially courteous, nice and are willing to assist. They ALWAYS stand outside of the security booth.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RedLine is Rediculous

All I want to do is go to work, to my new job no doubt, but for some reason, the train operators Northbound on the RedLine south of Sox/35th (the SoulStrain Line), don't seem to understand that although they are already at work, I'M TRYING TO GET THERE!!

Date: 15Jan08
Time: Approximately 6:45am
Train/Bus: RedLine
Direction: Northbound
Problem/Observation: After sitting at the 63rd Street station for 3 - 5 minutes without an announcement, we finally pulled away from the station. After moving about 2 blocks (slowly), we came to a stop...NO ANNOUNCEMENT. This was about 6:55am. I waited until 7:00am before I pressed the Blue Button. The operator ignored me. I pressed it again, only to be ignored...again. I pressed it in disgust and walked away. By this time, I was almost back to my seat on the other end of the train when the operator finally answered. THEN, the train started moving...or should I say creeping, toward 47th street.

Again we stopped just short of the 47th Street Station...this time with some delayed, garbled, incomprehensible jibbersh over the intercom about "...a train just ahead of us...blah blah blah...problems...blah blah blah...moving....shortly".

I BARELY got to my new job on the third day, on time.